Max. Allowed Homes

(per {{ commas lot_size }} sq ft plot of land)

Red means single-family or duplexes only

Orange means triplexes or fourplexes are legal

Green means larger apartment buildings are legal

Apartment buildings are illegal to build in {{ round apt_illegal_pct 0 }}% of {{ city }}

"Apartment building" is defined to be a building with 3 or more homes. It is illegal to build a building with 5 or more homes in {{ round apt5_illegal_pct 0 }}% of {{ city }}.

{{ commas lot_size }} sq ft is a typical lot size in {{ city }} {{#compare city "==" "San Francisco" }}

Assumes 2.5 apartments per 10 ft of height per {{ commas lot_size }} sq ft

Calculations include waiverless ADUs and ground-floor retail requirements

Many apartment buildings already exist in the red and orange areas but would be illegal to build today

You can see why new development is concentrated in the Mission, Soma, and Tenderloin neighborhoods

Data from SF gov. Code on Github. {{/compare}} {{#compare city "==" "Mountain View" }}

Percentages exclude parks and open space.

Data from City of Mountain View. Code on Github. {{/compare}}

{{ percentage }}% {{#compare num ">" 20 }} more than 20 {{else}}{{#compare num "==" -1 }} Open Space {{else}}{{#compare num "==" 0 }} 0 (No housing) {{else}} {{ num }} {{/compare}}{{/compare}}{{/compare}}